Value Added Products

The Company enjoys the distinction of being a strong player in some of the value added, customised and niche product segments for high-end applications. WESCO Brand MICR Cheque Paper, Bond, Parchment, Azure Laid. Super Shine, Duraprint, Alkali-Resistant paper, etc. are very popular and most sought after grades in the industry.

MICR Cheque Paper: 95 gsm
Most of the Banks in the country (Private and PSU) are known to be using our customized water-marked security-paper in printing cheque leaves,security bonds etc. Besides, the company exports sizable quantity of security paper to the neighboring countries

WESCO Bond (85 &100Gsm)

Best suited for Corporate & Business Stationery, Presentations, Manuscript writing, Brochure, Pamphlets, letter heads, Resume, etc.

WESCO Parchment Paper(105-120Gsm)

Used in the high-end applications as for making agreements, certificates etc.

WESCO Super Shine:(90-140Gsm)

Best quality paper for high end Commercial Printing, Diaries, Annual Reports, Journals, Architectural Drawing & high end Envelops.

WESCO Duraprint(80-140Gsm)

Premium grade paper for high end shopping bags, gift bag/envelop, gift wrapping, Wall calendars etc.

Azure Laid: (70-110Gsm)

WCPM Azure laid is one of the most preferred and traditionally used Ledger paper over the years. The unmatched shade is popular in the market for its quality and supply consistency.

Cartridge Paper (90-140 gsm)

The Cartridge paper is widely used for making drawing books for children and in the Chart paper for draft plans etc.

Nova Print: (54 to 90 Gsm):

High bulk paper offered in white and natural shades is well accepted in the book publication segment for the shade, stiffness and print quality.

WCPM paper is the most preferred range of customized speciality paper that enjoys market leadership in the high-value product segments.

All the above products can also be made available with FSC®  certification in both FSC® 100% and FSC® -MIX category.