Premium Printing Paper

WCPM offers WESCO brand premium printing paper to suit high-end printing applications. Paper made on new generation Former that features a combination of Fourdrinier wire section with a Top Former that facilitates uniform basis weight profile and excellent sheet formation with least two-sidedness and MD/CD tensile ratio. Surface sizing is imparted through metered size press to give the paper the ‘extra finish’ typical of a niche segment product.

The Shoe press and Soft-nip calendaring facilitate achieve high bulk, good dimensional stability with low two-sidedness. The ECF bleached, alkaline sized Paper is made using 100% wood fibre with high grade fillers to ensure excellent optical and surface properties with lasting freshness and with least abrasion factor. The range that comes in 58 to 90 gsm possesses high strength with uniform profile ensuring excellent reel quality to cope with higher print, meeting the demands of modern print shops.

All the above products can also be made available with FSC® certification in both FSC® 100% and FSC® -MIX category (FSC-C100498).