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WCPM is committed to harmonizing its business interests with the world’s dire need for a clean environment.This conviction of the Company of the need to operate in sync with environmental concerns is enshrined in a comprehensive environment management policy, which is practiced across the organization in all spheres of its activities. Guided by the principle tenet of environment responsibility, the company manufactures paper and Boards using raw material and technology that protects the earth’s natural resources and bio-diversity for generations to come.

The Company is committed to green production, resource conservation, and responsible waste
management. This commitment of WCPM has reflected in its ‘minimum impact-best process’
technology that involves green production, resource conservation, responsible waste management and a reduced pollution load, as its core dimensions. A highly transparent record in each of these areas makes the company an environmentally – compliant paper industry.


WCPM’s high operational standards have been endorsed by the globally renowned certifications from agencies of great repute. The company enjoys the ISO 14001 certification for designing and implementing a comprehensive Environment Management System (EMS) in line with the global


Certificate Code:SCS-COC-003383 Trademark License Code: FSC-C100498

The Company is certified for FSC® Chain of Custody which indicates that the Company is using
wood from responsible forests and well-managed plantations and ensures that only legally
harvested wood is used for manufacture of paper/paperboard. The products come from forests that are managed responsibly to address the social, economic and ecological needs of the present and future generations. The Company has already received two certifications in this regard. The Society for Afforestation , Research and Allied (SARA) promoted and supported by WCPM has obtained the certificate for being a ‘Well Managed Group Plantation’ since 2011. At present, the Company is in a position to manufacture FSC® certified products viz;FSC® -100%, FSC® -MIX in its printing & writing papers and FSC® -Recycled logo on paperboards..

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Further, the Society for Afforestation,Research and Allied (SARA) ( ) promoted and supported by WCPM has continuously obtained certifications for developing ‘Well Managed Group Plantations’ since 2011. At present, the Company is in a position to produce FSC® certified printing & writing papers and FSC® -Recycled logo on paperboards certified under FSC® -100% and FSC® -MIX.