Location: West Coast Paper Mills Ltd. is located at Dandeli town in Uttara Kannada District in Karnataka on a 240 acres of leasehold land. The mill is connected through a broad gauge railway line on Miraj-Bangalore section at Alnavar Junction, with railway lines that run up to the factory. We have additional 80 acres of leased land for projects like railway siding, effluent treatment plant, and so on.

Raw Material: Wood derived from Casuarina, Eucalyptus, Subabul, Acacia and other hardwood is the 100% ingredient for manufacturing paper in our units. In 1989, the use of bamboo for paper production was disallowed by the National Forest Policy

In order to manufacture some speciality papers, WCPM imports pine wood pulp in small quantities. Our paper mill consumes about 9,50,000 MT of raw material per year. For raw material we are dependent-to a great extent-upon the private cultivators in Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, and Pondicherry. We strictly adhere to the eco-friendly environmental norms.

Water: At WCPM, we require about 68000 KL of water per day, which is drawn from the river Kali. We use pure and potable water having low iron content for manufacturing paper.

Power: We use both self-generated and purchased power for production purposes. Complete self-sufficiency has been achieved in power generation. We also have surplus power capacity up to 20 MW. Apart from self- generation, we also have the provision for grid connectivity of 8250 KVA. Our captive power generating capacity is 74.80 MW.

Steam: Our requirement of steam for manufacturing paper is met by four coal fired FBC boilers with a steam generating capacity of 330 Mt/Hr and two chemical recovery boilers with a capacity of 258 Mt/Hr.

Quality Control/Central Laboratory: For quality control and research on raw material and processes, we have a fully equipped research lab near the Paper mill. The Central laboratory carries out detailed analysis of water, process materials, effluent stack gases, and intermediate product. Our quality control laboratory focuses on complaints, customer service, product development, testing, inspection, and monitoring of products and processes.

Research and Development Centre: WCPM has set up a separate Centre for research and development purposes in order to carry out research on various activities using modern facilities.

Industrial Safety: In order to ensure the safety and security of all our employees, we have set up a fully equipped Safety Department having trained and qualified professionals. We have a fire brigade of our own and have positioned hydrants at strategic locations throughout our manufacturing unit. At WCPM, we are striving hard to reduce water consumption for paper manufacturing.

Our production standards meet the requirements set by the Pollution Control Board for the treatment of air and water based effluents. The Consents under Air and Water Acts granted by Karnataka State Pollution Control Board are valid.

Social Activities: We maintain a self-sufficient colony with temple, shopping complex, hospital, club, theatre, cable TV network, and gym. Dandeli Education Society is our education wing through which we run schools, two colleges for Pre university and Degree courses, and Post-graduation courses in Paper and Pulp Technology, Chemistry and Commerce.

Labour: We have employed 2386 individuals as on 31 March, 2022.