Management Team

The senior management at WCPM. guides thousands of employees to provide innovative paper solutions to clients all over the world. The board of directors and shareholders have together conferred executive powers to our highly experienced senior management team. The responsibility of managing the day-to-day activities of our company lies on the capable shoulders of these members.

Our management team at West Coast Paper Mills Ltd. boasts of an unmatched history of success in providing quality paper products to meet various types of industrial as well as individual needs. These leaders at the highest rung of organizational management bring with them expertise in diverse areas of business. The seniors in our top management team are as follows:

Management Team Members

Paper Division

Shri. Rajendra Jain, Executive Director & CFO

Shri. B. H Rathi, President (Technical)

Shri. P. C. Maloo,  Sr. Vice President (Marketing)

Shri. S.N. Patil, Sr. Vice President (Human Resource)

Shri. Ashok Kumar Sharma,  Sr. Vice President (Finance & Accounts)

Cable Division

Shri. Anil Tanwani, Chief Executive Officer

Shri. Shiv Shankar Gupta,  CFO