MG Variety

WCPM presents a range of high quality machine-glazed paper and boards offered in grammage ranging from 80 to 300 Gsm, that enjoy a special position in the market. The MG Poster Paper and Boards are designed as per the set industrial norms .The posters and boards made of 100% virgin wood fibre are popular for their quality, durability and reliability and are well received by the customers.
Product is offered in four standard colors viz; Yellow, Green, Blue & Pink besides in Buff and Natural Shade.

WESCO Natural Greeting Card is popular in the greeting and wedding card segment.

Further, the Coating Base paper and the Stiffener paper offered in MG/MF varieties complete the range much to the expectation of the Industry & customers.

WESCO CB Base is used in the making of paper cup base.

All the above products can also be made available with FSC®  certification in both FSC® 100%  and FSC® -MIX category.