In an Industry where it is imperative to generate a part of our intermediate raw material needs, we are importing wood chips for preserving the country’s forest resources and for enhancing sustainability. It is necessary to produce superior quality pulp at the lowest cost, with least environmental impact to produce paper of global standards. WCPM has a creditable record in this area.

New-Gen Fibreline with ECF Bleaching Sequence

The companys investment in a brand-new 725 TPD Metso fiber-line, replacing the old technology with environmental friendly benign elemental chlorine free (ECF) bleaching processes in the in-house pulping street has enabled the production of consistent quality of high-bright and hi-strength pulp with improved cleanliness and lasting freshness with least pollution load. The high degree of bleaching has improved the optical properties of paper.
The super batch cooking process for uniform and high yield pulping is supported by digesters of best metallurgy in the fibreline to facilitate production of best pulp quality, thereby imparting extra strength to the paper and influencing the neediness for functional property of paper and superiority, as required by the end users expectations.
The increasing quality consciousness among customers in the highly competitive market scenario demands process optimization which is very much essential. In this background, the company’s prudent investment in modernizing the fibre line and chemical recovery have resulted in overall operational efficiency with a vast improvement in the quality parameters that increase operational cost.But this hike in cost was managed through the enhanced economies of operating scale and reduction in the consumption of utilities like water, steam & power and the process chemicals with less degradation of fibre.

The installation of close super batch Digesters with the world class technology of high consistency washing on twin roll press with slotted pressure screening system and de-watering presses in bleaching section for high strength pulp, high capacity chippers, X filter for green liquor clarification,Clari disc filter for better white liquor clarification,higher concentration falling film evaporator for high-pressure chemical recovery boiler of 63 kg at 470C for steam and power generation have infused international standards to our operational processes.A high-efficiency electrostatic precipitator with a sophisticated causticising plant, rotary lime kilns for improved green and white liquor generation etc. have enabled the increase in overall efficiency of the pulping and chemical recovery process resulting in improved quality of paper ,efficiency and incremental superiority in the end product.