CSR Policy

WCPM supports the local community in the villages surrounding the mill in a number of ways which includes employment, health care, education, and various other facilities. The initiatives that we have undertaken over the years under our corporate social responsibility involve more than the direct and indirect employment for the community around. Our social activities have made us an integral part of the local community.

We have extended our help in maintaining the villages near Dandeli through initiatives that have touched the lives of thousands in the region. WCPM maintains a colony in Dandeli that is self-sufficient with facilities like hospital, shopping complex, temple, club, theater, and a cable TV network.

We have associated ourselves with the Jal Nirman Yojna which is a project undertaken by the district administration and is partly funded the by WCPM.

Our CSR initiatives for the villages include the following:

  • Water supply projects.
  • School uniform distributions.
  • Subsidized notebook distributions.
  • Cattle vaccination program.
  • Distributions of medicines.
  • Medical facilities such as mobile health care units.
  • Drinking water arrangements.
  • Drinking water arrangements for cattle.
  • Organizing social awareness programes.

Dandeli Education Society has been receiving our financial support regularly since 1963. This society comprises of the premier educational network in Dandeli running a number of educational institutions in the area. These include primary education, two Pre-university colleges and a Degree college. The professional course in Pulp and Paper Technology and Post Graduate Programes in Chemistry and Commerce are being run by the society with the help of our CSR wing.

The CSR wing of WCPM works towards the protection and conservation of the environment in a number of ways. Our research and development wing has taken measures to stabilize fly-ash dumps through biological means so as to reduce air pollution in the area surrounding the mill.

We also promote agro-forestry among local landholders.


We, at West Coast Paper Mills Limited shall,

  • Ensure compliance of all applicable legislation for our products, services and processes.
  • Ensure development of employees, suppliers and contractors in such a way that they become competent and skillful,
  • Achieve zero accidents and minimize various losses,
  • Prevent accidents, hazard potential, pollution and wastes at source,
  • Conserve resources focusing on energy, water and other crucial inputs,
  • Maintain and develop green belt in and around the mills to preserve and protect the ecosystem,
  • Improve health, hygiene and safety of employees through TQM approach,
  • Consider quality, environment, Occupational health and safety performance of the employees while evaluating their performance for development,
  • Include quality, environment, occupational health and safety in our decisions.
  • This policy shall be instilled among all employees through HRD initiatives:
  • Placement and development of personnel, Training in Handling, storage, preservation and use of all chemical,
  • Purchase of plant, equipment / machinery & spares keeping the policy in view,
  • Developing a culture of using adequate PPEs while on work.
  • Make this policy available to the employees, stakeholders and other interested parties.

Projects : Ongoin Project 2020-21

CSR Ongoing Project 2020-21