Right Product Mix in a Competitive Market:

To market products around a superior value proposition across grades and geographies, the Company has devised its product strategy and marketing policy prudently in accordance with the evolving international standards customized closely to the needs of customers across India.
West Coast product-line features in well-established WESCO brand Paper & Boards, commercial to premium grades ranging from 54 to 350 GSM, catered to across six different product segments: Writing & Printing, Specialty, Industrial, Cup Stock, Single Use Plastic Replacement, Packaging and Business stationery.
To overcome the competition and to improve the sales realization, WCPM has been consistently upgrading its technology with a sustained focus in the fast growing and value added product segments. The Company has increased the production of value added grades, viz. the Copier papers, WESCO brand premium printing papers, MICR Cheque Papers, Parchment, Azurelaid, MG Poster Paper, Straw Paper and Cup Stock Paper Board.
The Company’s swing manufacturing facility enables the Company to produce diversified range of products, which has been a source of strength to keep in line with the market demand,
FSC® certification: WCPM is certified with the prestigious FSC® certification by the Forest Stewardship Council® acknowledging the efforts on our farm forestry measures under the forest conservation program and is now heading for 100% FSC® certified products to meet the growing demands for eco- friendly
products globally. WCPM can now offer FSC® 100%, FSC® MIX and FSC® recycled products.

Branding at WCPM:

As a future-focused corporate, WCPM has embarked on the manufacture of ready-to-use branded copier papers in the fast growing business stationery segment. In addition to existing 250 MT/day Bielomatik on-line automated cut-pack system, the Company has recently enhanced copier conversion capacity with the addition of a new 100 MT/Day Line-o-Matic copier conversion line. Hence the Company’s infrastructure has been elevated to international standards. As a result, the sale of branded copier paper is currently over 9000 MT/month
The B2B copier is most preferred and rated the best by the jobbers as it has evidently taken the top slot in the southern, central, eastern and western market in a record span of time. The multi-purpose office papers offered in 65, 70, 75 & 80 Gsm are very well received in the High-end office printing segment.
The Company has a strong Pan-India distribution network of around 70 dealers which helps us to maintain our presence across the country. Sound principles, transparent policies, customer focused R&D supported by the relentless efforts of its Marketing network ensure high credibility and reliability for the company in domestic as well as export markets.
The Company’s sustained focus on product customization, new product development, presence in fast growing segments, brand-led customer pull and increasing exports have rationalized its customer loyalty and off-take.