Chairman’s Message

Growth is never by mere chance; it is the result of forces working together. James Cash Penney

WCPM has evolved itself into a robust, dynamic and forward looking industry in the course of the last sixty one years.The Company owes its indebtedness to you for your constant support and encouragement that have inspired a momentum within us to go ahead with our dreams. We envision a bright future for our great nation and strive hard to achieve the same through synergy, innovation and hard work in our chosen sphere. What we are at WCPM today is a result of thousands of hands working together to build this company that in turn serves the nation in its growth and development.

The government has supported us in our endeavours to build a strong industry, while we have supported our nation by providing quality paper products that serve numerous other industries like printing, publishing, writing and packaging. Our fundamentals are so strong that even when the world was hit by recession, we have successfully maintained our stability through our vision and strength.

Often we hear that the present civilization will become a paperless civilization in the near future. However, we believe that this idea will take many more years to become a reality in India due to less access to technology such the Internet, boost to primary education, and the tradition of keeping a hard copy of all important documents in all workplaces.Further,a paperless society will not happen in future so easily as books will continue to get published and all the products will need to be packaged. This leaves us with a vast opportunity and hence, over the years, we aim to increase our turnover rate through incremental sales.

The increasing demand for paper is fuelled mainly by the demand in developing countries, in particular in Asia and Africa, while the demand for paper has decreased in developed countries all over the world. WCPM has acted proactively to identify the market trend and augmented its capacity on time. Therefore, we are poised to gain from the first-movers advantage in the paper market.

WCPM has invested wisely in securing raw materials, focusing on research in technological development, complying with government policies on environment, and locking in capital requirements. We have started getting results from these investments already in the form of increased profits, greater customer satisfaction, and a healthier environment.

Further, We believe that vast vistas of opportunities lie ahead of us.

At this exciting hour, when we are on the threshold of premium segment in the industry, I would like to thank all our stakeholders for their continued co-operation. With all our commitment to hard work, desire for innovation, and an ambition to be the best , the future belongs to us.

S. K. Bangur