Green Info

Green Power

The Company is committed towards green production, resource conservation, and responsible waste management. This commitment from WCPM has reflected in its minimum impact-best process technology that consists of green production, resource conservation, responsible waste management and a reduced pollution load as its dimensions. Evident records in each of these areas makes the company environmentally compliant.


As part of its commitment to the protection of environment WCPM has installed 3 mw wind farm in south India as an initiative towards the generation of renewable source of power through wind energy, harnessed and used to fuel its processes.The Company’s plan is to target an internal net zero carbon trade that provides green energy using renewable resources to the extent it relies on fossil fuels.


We believe that efficient energy management is the key to enhanced profitability. As a result, WCPM has sought ways to harness renewable resources to enhance its self-reliance in power. An incremental XX MW of power is generated from its captive co-generation and TG set facilities.