Shri Virendraa Bangur


Virendraa Bangur hails from the renowned Kolkata – based business house of “BANGUR’S” and is the constituent of the “SK BANGUR GROUP”. He holds various positions in group companies- serving as the Joint Managing Director in West Coast paper Mills Limited, Vice-Chairman in Andhra Paper Limited, Director in Gloster Cables Limited, Jayshree Chemicals Limited and Kilkotagiri and Thirumbadi Plantations Limited.

Born in the year 1975, he belongs to the new breed of modern tech-savvy entrepreneurs. As with most other scions of the Industrial Empire, Virendraa Bangur plunged into the world of business at a very young age. He graduated in Commerce with Honours. He has had varied experience in the industrial and corporate world, with areas special interest including paper, newsprint, chemicals, IT, electronics, optic fibre, telephone and power cables and plantations.

He was a Committee Member of Indian Chamber of Commerce and is currently serving as a Committee Member of the Bharat Chamber of Commerce. Additionally, he is a member of the Young Presidents’ Organization (YPO) and the Entrepreneur Organization (EO).

Besides his corporate endeavour, Virendraa Bangur actively contributes to sports,community development, rural upliftment, environment protection and support for education and health services. He generously donates to religious and philanthropic causes, maintains Charitable Trusts and is associated with various social service organizations.