Environmental Policy


As a responsible corporate entity, WCPM recognizes the importance of synchronizing its business interests with that of the worlds critical need for a cleaner environment. This conviction is enshrined in a comprehensive environment management policy, which is practiced across the organization. Guided by the principle tenet of environmental responsibility, the company manufactures paper and boards using a raw material and a technology that protects the earths resources and bio-diversity for generations to come.

The Company is committed towards green production, resource conservation, and responsible waste management. This commitment from WCPM has reflected in its minimum impact-best process technology that involves green production, resource conservation, responsible waste management and a reduced pollution load as its core dimensions. Evident record in each of these areas makes the company an environmentally  compliant paper industry.

We at West Coast Paper Mills Ltd. Dandeli, Karnataka are committed to:

  • Comply with all applicable environmental legislation.
  • Continuously improve upon the environmental performance by:
    • Afforestation by social and farm forestry on degraded and unproductive lands by clonal technology supported by micro and macro propagation.
    • Recycle critical resources like water, lime mud and pulp mill fibrous solid waste.
    • Set environmental objectives and targets and periodically review them.
    • Upgrade all plants with state of the art technologies and operating practices to minimize generation of pollution at source.
    • Generate and use energy efficiently and to become self sufficient in power.
    • Green belt development to protect and preserve the ecosystem.