Cup Stock & Coated Duplex Board

Cup Stock & Coated Duplex Board

WCPM presents a wide range of WESCO brand Specialty and value added products to the packaging industries viz Cup Stock varieties, Folding Box Board & Single and Double Coated Board with Grey Back & Kraft Back .

At WCPM, paper and boards are manufactured using eco-friendly production process, maintaining highest level of quality standards.

The featured packed multi-layer board are made of state of art technology using virgin fibre in top layers and recycled fibre in the middle that ensure good bulk, extra strength & stiffness to the board to suit to the needs of packaging industries.

Our Cup Stock varieties are enjoying the best market leadership in the means of quality and quantity which is adding value to the customer needs.

  • 160 – 230 Gsm
  • Suitable for Hot & Cold Beverages
  • Eco Friendly
  • Recyclable

Products & End Applications

WESCO BASE 165-230






Wall & Base for all sizes of Printed / Unprinted Paper Cups Suitable for Hot & Cold Beverages
WESCO FOLDING BOX BOARD High end packaging for Pharmacy product and Garments, Greeting, Wedding & Invitation card, etc.
WESCO HB GREETING Suitable for Wedding & Greeting Cards.
COATED DUPLEX BOARD LWC Match box, Agarbatti, Garment, Sweet Boxes, Foot Wear Packaging Boxes
DUPLEX BOARD. LWC/DLX ?(KRAFT BACK) Carton boxes , boxes with high stiffness/strength, Garment Inserts, fruit boxes
News & Updates

News & Updates

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Green Info

Green Info

As a responsible corporate, WCPM recognizes the importance of aligning its business interests with that of the world’s critical need for a cleaner environment.This conviction is enshrined in a comprehensive environment management policy, which is practiced across the organization.

Coated Duplex Boards

Coated Duplex Boards

The West Coast Paper Mills presents a wide range of boards to the packaging industry viz; single and double coated Boards with Grey-Back, white-Back and kraft-Back options, offered in 230 to 600 GSM.
The WCPM product range also includes value added products like Cup Stock Board for paper cups and Folding Box boards for high end packaging segment.
Among the uncoated range we offer Grey-Back and kraft-Back boards to the Garment and Footwear industry.

The feature packed multi-layer boards are made of state of Art technology using virgin fibers in top layers and recycled fibers in the middle that ensure good bulk, extra strength and stiffness to the boards to suit to the needs of packaging industry. The Duplex range possesses excellent box making properties.

The products are used in a wide range of application segments viz; Pharmaceutical, Apparel, Match Box, Cigarette, Liquid Packaging, Food Packaging and various other Packaging applications.

At West Coast, the Paper and Boards are manufactured using eco-friendly production process, maintaining highest level of quality Standards.

Excellent Surface and Optical Properties with good Feel and Visual Appeal have made the West Coast boards a “printers’ favorite”.

Products Offered


End Uses

Duplex Board Coated Super

230 -? 450

Pharmaceuticals, Food Packaging, Garments, Liquor Cartons, Agarbati etc.

Duplex Board Coated

230 -? 450

Match box, Agarbati, Garment, Sweet Boxes, Hosiery, Spare Parts etc.

Duplex Board White Back???? (HWC) / (LWC)

230 -? 450

Pharmaceuticals, Food Packaging, Garments, Liquor Cartons, Agarbati, Wedding & Greeting Cards, Paper Plates, Notebook & Text Book Covers etc

Sudarshan Cup Stock

170 – 180

Paper Cups

Sudarshan-UltraWhite???????? Coated Board

230 -? 450

Garment, /Saree-Boxes, Agarbati segment

Duplex Ultra White Coated Premium Board

230 -? 450

Pharmaceuticals, Premium-saree boxes, Cosmetics and varieties of cards.

Duplex Board (Deluxe) Uncoated Boards

230 -? 600

Garments, Foot Wear

Coated Duplex Board LWC

200 -? 600

Match Box, Agarbati, Garments, Hosiery, Spare Parts

Duplex Bd. LWC Kraft Back

230 -? 600

Top liner for Corrugation Segment, Garment Inserts, fruit boxes, etc..
Security & Hi-Value Grades Paper

Security & Hi-Value Grades Paper

The company enjoys the distinction of being a strong player in some of the value added, customized and niche product segments for high-end applications.? The Westcoast made MICR Cheque Papers, Parchment, Azure Laids , alkali-resistant papers and the colored range of papers & boards are very popular and most sought after grades? in the industry. The company?s Packaging grade base papers which goes into the manufacture of cup-stocks and the tetra packaging industry are most sought after by the customers.

The products are FSC® certified

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Security & Hi-value grades papers

MICR Cheque Papers: 95 gsm
Almost every Bank in the country (private and Nationalized) is known to be? using our customized water-marked security-papers in printing cheque leaves and? security bonds etc. Besides, the company exports sizable quantity of security papers to the neighboring countries
Azure Laid:? GSM: 70-90 WCPM Azure laid is one of the most preferred and traditionally used Ledger paper over the years. The unmatched shade is Popular in the market and in the Bank segment for its quality and consistency.
Sudarshan Parchment Paper: offered in 90 ? 135 gsm, is well received in the ?high-end application segments as ?bond paper, for making certificates ?etc.

Coating base papers and Cartrige Papers (90-140 gsm)
Base ?papers offered in a wide GSM range are fondly used by the offline coaters as a coat base paper for a wide range of printing applications. The Cartridge papers are widely used as children drawing books and in the chart paper for draft plans etc.
Nova Print: 54 to 80 gsm: High bulk paper offered in white and natural shades is well accepted in the publication segment for the shade, stiffness and print quality.

ICR/OCR : GSM 90 : WCPM enjoys unique position in complying with the stringent norms slated for the ICR and OCR grade papers, wherein the product specifications, print quality (off tone reproduction) , quality consistency are of? paramount importance.

West Coast paper?s most preferred range of customised speciality papers that enjoy market leadership in the high-value product segments.
Products offered:

  • Azure laid
  • Parchment Papers
  • MICR Cheque Papers
  • Cup Stock
  • S.S. Pulp Boards UHB
  • Nova Print (Hi-Bulk)
  • HQ Poster HL
  • MF Buff
  • MG White & Colour Posters
Printing & Writing

Printing & Writing

Great value for money
WCPM presents a range of quality printing & writing papers from 52 to 120 gsm that suits to the entire needs of modern print-houses who demand high quality papers for commercial to premium printing of at reasonable price. High bright, strong, stiff and bulkier papers offer excellent surface, optical and physical properties to suit all kinds of commercial grade printing & writing applications. Good reel condition uniform profile makes it a better choice for web based printing

High bright, strong, stiff and bulkier papers offer excellent surface, optical and physical properties to suit all kinds of commercial to premium grade printing & writing applications. uniform profile with good reel quality makes it an ideal choice for reel-printing.

Business Stationery

Business Stationery

WCPM present the finest Range of premium office papers of international standards, tailor-made to suit all kinds of high-end office printers. The feature-rich branded range comes in a right blend of surface, optical and physical properties to give business document a face lift. Reel-cut and packaged using state-of-the-art automated precision cut-pack system that ensure dimensional perfection and crisp packing ? a value addition to customer. A one-stop paper house for quality, variety and affordability. Made available in A4, A3 and folio size in 65, 70,75 and 80 gsm.

Premium Printing Papers

Premium Printing Papers

WCPM offers WESCO premium printing papers to suit high-end printing applications. Paper made on new generation former that features a combination of Fourdrinier wire section with a top former that facilitate uniform basis weight Profile and excellent sheet formation with least two-sidedness and MD/CD tensile ratio. Surface sizing is imparted through metered size press to give the paper the ?extra finish? typical of a niche segment product.

The shoe press and soft-nip calendaring facilitate achieve high bulk, good dimensional stability with low two-sidedness. The ECH bleached, alkaline sized Papers are made using 100% wood fiber with high grade fillers to ensure excellent optical and surface properties with lasting freshness and with least abrasion factor. The range comes in 58 to 90 gsm possess high strength with uniform profile ensuring excellent reel quality to cope with higher print, meeting the demands of a modern print shops.